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Food is the language of the world and we welcome you to enjoy our coffees and foods from around the world served daily at our Coffee-ol-ogy Café and Bakery. Coffee-ol-iogy Café and Bakery offers our daily menu of freshly prepared baked goods, homemade soups, specialty sandwiches and salads, and gourmet coffees.

We’re serving a taste of the world’s favorite foods on our Global Cuisine menu which features the cultural food genius of our chefs, Virginia Walker and Craig Casiday. Global Cuisine brings authentic world foods to you one cuisine at a time on a monthly rotation.

  Chef Craig N. Casiday is a founder of Coffee-ol-ogy. He helped establish our first operation which was a coffee bar in our gift shop in Muscle Shoals, Al. Then, in 2002 we opened Coffee-ol-ogy Coffee and Sandwich Shop in the Hoover Public Library.

For this expansion Craig developed our signature recipes for our soup, sandwich and coffee menu. Craig has degrees in Biology and Chemistry and believes that this background in analytical thinking and processes benefit him in the kitchen.

In 2009 we added formally-trained chef Virginia Walker to our staff because she is brilliant with international foods. Virginia spent part of her childhood living and traveling in Europe giving her a well refined pallet for European cuisines. Almost instantly, our Global Cuisine concept came to life in it’s delicious and beautiful form. We serve “our take” on real food from around the world.

Coffee-ol-ogy Coffee Cafe is appropriately located in the Hoover Library where you’ll have plenty of comfortable seating, lots of parking, free WiFi service and ready access to library reading and technology, planned programs and cultural events. PassportPurchase a Global Cuisine food item to obtain the complimentary “Coffeeology Passport for Savings” reward card. The “Passport” will be date stamped at point of purchase.
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